Liederen van Liefde 
Het Gedicht Eva                  

1.  Songs of Peace Love Agapè :         

the Poem Eve


From the beginning they have cast all smother and shame on

You, Eva as the Shadow of their Soul.

A House of Shame was built, a church of self-hatred on your Shoulders
when Young. Because they don’t trust you, baby

Your Own Fault, stupid Guilt !

The Guilt they call your Mother and your Father

and they have already tuned fine to your Daughter and your Son.

Because they don’t trust you, Mother, your own bloody fault !

But : I love you my Woman, I do love you,

Do not regret the life you give birth to.


Stop shaming and blaming your self for the Child in You,

for your mild innocence of unawareness wellwilled.

The Wolf in Sheep’s clothes has always been an idea

come up from the thick forest where they want us to be wolves.


Only Wolves amidst us come up with a sly treacherous thought.

Sheep are taken by surprise,

Because with them this hunch and this suspicion

never nay never came up.

The Child in You is not fostering suspicion  and lives rigourously

inside your own case of  stupid Guilt.

Rigouously refuse then just to follow them into the

wood where they want us to be wolves ?

Because they don’t trust you, baby

But : I love you and the hope you create.


To be followed : The Poem Eve, Part 2.   

Liederen van Liefde                         in Engels hertaald dd 2Juli 2013  (Fred Hoekstra)