E C H O :       Nothing Left But Her Voice   oice    s      s     s

Under the blossoming Oleander                                her skin of thesoftest
pink so white .                                                                 This Caprice piece
Cello Solo             by Peter Lewy from LUCC A  under the Oleander
in the armpit of the mountain path             to the clifftown of Vernazzia

His apple cheeks flawed by introvert  zeal       by the renaissance sounds
of Buccinati and Puccini,           plucked and struck upon his solo Cello.

She, Her Majesty’s Muse and Nymph of Passionate following  withered
and flawed away in painful grief    (sharp-edged sorrow) till Nothing of
Her Majesty’s Presence was Left but her own Voice  oice  s ss                 as   ECHO  Echo     cho   ho  o  o     O Lijf aan Mijn Bloeiende Boom
……… O Bossom  and  Belly Bottom         to my  Blossoming Tree

Narcissus sings along…. :          O ze Wieze Woze Wieze Walla Kristalla

E C H O  : nothing  left  but  her  voice  ……………  for resonance.  


Ferry Dutch Lyrics to be Sung …… by Each and Every  ONE                           2009, december